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Ant Wars

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There are over 12,000 ant species identified to date. Many of them are particularly interesting for scientists; among them, the invasive species. These species break all records but they also represent a real danger for ecosystems as well as for us. Through six episodes, we invite you in this comic book to discover these fascinating and dangerous little critters, with a good dose of science and a touch of humor.

Franck Courchamp
CNRS Director of research, scientific popularizer

Mathieu Ughetti
Illustrator, scientific popularizer

English version coming soon… thanks to you?

At the moment the comic book is only readable in French. To make it accessible for people all around the world, we would like it to be translated into English. Please help us reach this goal, by making a donation.

Thanks a lot to all ant lovers!

There will be 6 episodes

episode 1

episode 2

episode 3

episode 4

episode 5

episode 6